Some landlords have multiple rental properties in different locations, or their own residences are far from their rental properties, in such cases, management is difficult and inconvenient for them; thus, there is a need for them to be able to manage their properties remotely, including the ability to bill for electricity used. A cloud based system provides exactly this convenience to the landlord.

Rental Apartment
  • Suitable for shared apartments, rented store fronts, rental offices.
  • Management can be done by the landlord themselves or assigned to a property management company, information is clear and transparent.
Cloud Metering System

Eliminates the need to roam all over just to copy the meter readings, and also avoids disputes arising from copying errors.

Tenant views his meter data online

This system is not limited for use by the administrative side only, but a separate access level is available for the tenants to monitor their own consumption habits.


Dispensing credit over the cloud

No more bothersome smart cards needed with this system in place. Everything can be done online.

Remotely disconnecting or restoring the power

No more headaches with bill collection from a troublesome tenant, the simplest solution is to copy the utility company by cutting off the power, the tenant will eventually approach the landlord by themselves.

Monitor and control using PCs or mobile phones

No need for smart cards as a transaction medium, the cloud replaces the card.


Equipment at the rental unit

Online Operation

The tenant can view their power consumptin and remaining credits; the landlord can dispense credits and operate the meter.

Tenant Display Screenshot

Tenant display screenshot

Landlord Benefits

Save time and effort

Save Time And Effort

No need to roam around to read meter or reload smart cards.
  1. No more wasted time traveling long distances just to read the meter.
  2. No need to constantly harass to collect bill.
Remote power disconnection

Remote Power Disconnection

Disconnect power for troublesome and non-paying tenants.



No need to deduct last month from this month to compute the total bill, everything is recorded clearly and bill is computed automatically; eliminates dispute.

Tenant Benefits

View remaining credits

View Remaining Credits

Monitor consumption habits

Monitor Consumption Habits

Verify added credits

Verify Added Credits


  • Meters are installed in the same manner as before except that an additional cable is needed to connect to the cloud terminal unit.
  • The cloud terminal unit can be installed together with the meters in the same panel, or it can be installed where the ADSL modem is located.
  • Distance between the meter and the ADSL modem should not exceed 80 meters.

Traditional Approach

Landlord travels all over to copy meter reading

Cloud Based Approach

Sit and drink coffee and just go online


Property management companies can customize the cloud system with their own name, just contact our sales for more information.
Customized Screen

Both the landlord and tenant can login through their customized screens.

Property Manager