No Direct Wiring


The wall switch and the light that it controls needs to be in close proximity.


Any button can be assigned to control any lighting circuit.

Small Wall Footprint

Digital Switches saves wall space.

Classic switches can have at most 3 switches in one gang, but digital switches can have as many as 8, thus they greatly save on wall space.

Simplified Operation

Assignable Buttons

Each button can be assigned to control any circuit; moreso, they can be made to control entire groups or patterns as well.

One Button Many Circuits

To achieve better energy savings, the lights should be grouped into more circuits, but doing so would also increase the number of switches, making it confusing to know which controls what. Digital control shows a better way by allowing arbitrary circuits to be combined into various patterns, allowing the user to control the lights by the task desired, thereby greatly reducing the complexity in operating the lights.

Flexible Layout

Since digital control is not dependent on the physical layout of the wiring, the layout of the lights can be virtually reconfigured to match the change in the actual use of the space.

  • Public and commercial buildings often require that the electricial wiring be renovated for a new tenant, which entails having to tear out existing wiring and putting in new ones which is a laborious and expensive proposition. With digital controls, none of this is necessary as reconfiguring the wiring is as simple as changing the switch functions and assignments.
  • With digital control, adding new switches can be made anywhere that the main bus cable passes through, the switch can be made to control any lights using simple setup.

Multiple Access

Multiple Switches for Multiple Access

For large spaces, if switches are gathered only in certain locations, then it is unavoidable that the operation will need to run all over to control the lights. But with digital switches, control of the lights can be assigned to multiple switches, one set can be placed near the workstation and others duplicated in strategic locations.

Since digital switches are linked together using a digital network, increasing the number of switches only adds a short segment to the existing wiring network.

Selection of Interfaces