School campus

School Campus

  1. Prepayment is not just the easiest and most convenient means for the user to pay for electricity, but it is also a very effective method for energy management.
  2. Insert card to useinsert card to get powerremove card to cut off power is the basic concept for which a prepaid system works which can either be based on the power consumed or time elapsed.
  3. The prepaid cards can be reused by reloading them with a desktop credit dispensing unit.
  4. A prepayment system can be used not just in rental units but also in certain public places as well.

Public Spaces

Power is not for the building but for the people occupying the building.

  1. In order to prevent wasted energy and encourage energy saving, a user pays system is the ideal solution as it is not only fair but is also a very effective energy saving measure.
  2. Works just like a phone card, the user brings a preloaded card, inserting the card shows the remaining credits, only the actual amount consumed is charged to the card; this method is well suited for places that can be rented out such as classrooms, piano rooms, auditoriums, activity centers and electric car recharging parking spots.


Piano room

Piano Room

Rental Offices

Rental Offices



Rental Units

Stalls and dormitories
  1. The rent is not the only thing that a landlord cares about, the electricity bill is also of great concern.
  2. With a prepaid card system, the electricity bill is no longer a headache of the landlord as it simplifies collection and eliminates disputes; the tenant also benefits by having immediate feedback and manage their use accordingly. A prepaid system is transparent and fair to both parties.
  3. Retail stalls, apartments, offices, dormitories, these are all places well suited to a prepayment system. Pay only for as much as is used.


Electricity Tariff


For instance, dormitories, cottages, research rooms. Everything that uses electricity is metered.

Airconditioning Tariff

conference halls

Suited for tariffing of split type a/c, variable frequency a/c, large box type a/c, central a/c.

Resource Tariffed

There are two types based on the resource consumed:


Based on electricity consumed

Time Elapsed

Based on time elapsed

Form Factor

There are two types: split-type and combined.
Split-type and combined forms

Credit Dispenser

Once the prepaid credit on a card is used up, the card can be reused simply by topping (or reloading) it up from a credit dispensing unit.
desktop credit dispenser, receipt printer