Front of power panel with panel meters

Power Panel with Installed Meters

Panel meters are installed on the front cover of the power panels for convenient reading. They measure the voltage, current, power, energy, power factors and other electrical parameters that are useful for energy tracking and management.

Multi-function panel meter

Multi-function Panel Meter

This meter replaces more traditional single and three meters that are built for a single purpose and measure only one electrical parameter by combining all the measured parameters into one unit.

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Digital Communication

Equipped with an RS485 communication interface allows these meters to be connected to various third party SCADA software for monitoring and control purposes.


Panel Meter Feature Matrix


Special Purpose Metering IC

Made with an IC designed specifically designed for metering, even very low currents can be measured accurately.

Small footprint and low depth

With its small footprint and low depth, they are ideal for installation in subpanels.

CT Wiring Configuration

Wiring configuration for each CT type

Zero Reset

Some applications require that the meter be reset back to zero, our meters allow the user two ways of doing so.

Ways to zero reset


FCC and CE certification, as well as passing independent lab testing are the best indicator of our meter reliability.

Note that meters are on the front lines of any power installation. When there is a power surge, it is often the contactor and meter that bear the brunt of that surge, as such meters need to pass a 6kV surge test.

FCC and CE mark


Surge test

Surge Test

Temperature test

Temperature Test


A remote host needs only to issue one command to read all the important parameters, greatly improving the host software update cycle.

Once the meter receives a command, it can respond by sending the requested data within 20 milliseconds.

One command to read many

One Command To Read Many

Fast Response

Fast Response


Optically Isolated Communication Port


PM200 kWh panel meter

The PM200 is panel meter that measures both the real power and energy of a three phase system.

Unlike analog to digital based meter, the PM200 uses the latest digital IC specially designed for metering use. This allows the PM200 achieve high accuracy for a wide range and even for very low current values.

The PM200 has Modbus over RS485 communication allows a remote host to perform not just auto meter reading but to do so in near real time.


PM210 kWh panel meter

The PM210 is a multi-function panel meter with the ability to measure various electrical parameters including V, A, kW, kVAR, PF, kWh, kVARh, Hz and others.

The PM210 has Modbus over RS485 communication allows a remote host to perform not just auto meter reading but to do so in near real time.