Introduction to Digital Lighting Controls

DAE's digital lighting control system is for the control of lighting and air conditioning of public and large buildings.

Classic Switches

Most public buildings have the lighting circuits all be gathered into the distribution panel before fanning them out to their individual switches, also each lighting circuit corresponds directly to one switch, these two factors combined inevitably results in a mass of wiring all leading to one electrical room which requires a great amount of time and labor to install.

The operates the switches, but the wiring must match the switches, which results in lots of wiring.
Traditional Wiring
Operator must run all over to control the lights.
Switches spread out all over
User turns on the lights but neglects to turn them off which results in wasted energy.
Wasted energy from not turning off the lights

Wiring Concept

The wiring layout of DAE's digital lighting control system is especially well suited for use in public buildings as it effectively overcomes the disadvantages of traditional wiring methods.

Digital Lighting Wiring Concept



Open Spaces

Centralized control, reduced wiring costs


Enclosed Spaces

Local energy saving, ease of operation.


Conference Rooms

One touch transforms the room atmosphere.


Large Rooms

Convenience and energy savings.


The system is formed by controllers installed in the power distribution panels, with digital switches installed on walls of the local site, and touch panels are placed at the control room, with everything linked together through a two-wire digital bus cable.


Main Benefits of Digital Lighting Control System

(1) Simplified Wiring

Complicated traditional vs. simplified digital wiring

(2) Centralized Control

Centralized control
  • Facility manager can monitor and control everything from one location, no need to rush all over.
  • Schedules can be programmed to turn the lights on or off for different periods of the day.
  • Daylight compensation allows the lighting to dim according to natural lighting conditions, helping to reduce the energy consumption for daylit areas.
* Requires locally placed preset switches.

(3) Scene Recall

For conference halls, banquet halls and similar venues, digital lighting control allows for a one touch transformation of the lighting atmosphere.

Scene recall for conference halls

Energy Savings