Public Reading Rooms

People are often spread out in a sparsely occupied reading room, or there would be sections which are vacant, but all the lights are still on, which is unnecessarily wasteful of energy use, also this is not easy to manage.

large reading rooms

Large Reading Rooms

people spread out

People Spread Out

lights on but vacant

Lights On But Vacant

Proposed Solution

Divide the entire room into two sections
All lights are on during peak time

Peak Time

The lights in the entire room are all on.

During off peak hours, only portions are lit

Off-Peak Time

  • During sparsely occupied periods, the facility manager can use the touch panel to turn off the lights in one section, but leave the lights on the other section.
  • The lights guide the people to congregate in one section, saving energy for the lighting and air conditioning.
Schedule control

Schedule Control

An automatic control schedule can be set up gradually through the touch panel itself.