Energy Limiting Meter

The energy limiting meter is designed for applications wherein the energy supply is limited, such as on a remote island where the only source of energy is solar power.

With regular meters, the meter simply registers the amount of energy used. But this causes a problem as each household would want to use as much energy as it can otherwise the others will use it up before they do. The solution would be to set aside an allocated amount of energy for each household so that they are able to use theirs at their discretion without affecting the others. For this reason, the energy limiting meter was developed.

The energy limiting can be preset with a fixed allocation at the start of each day, once this allocation is used up then the meter will cut off the power and the household would no longer have any power for the rest of the day and will have to wait until the next day before the allocation resets. It is thus up to the household to budget their power usage so that they have power we they need it the most.

On the other hand, any unused allocation at the end of the power can be carried over to the next day. So if the household expects that they will require more the next day, they can conserve the energy use for today.

The main benefit that can be derived from this system is its fairness to all parties involved. Everyone gets an equal share and no one may take away their allocated share.


Configurating using the setup tool
  1. The meter displays the remaining amount of usable energy.
  2. the power is cut off once the allocated energy is used up.
  3. The allocation amount and the clock time can be changed using the setup tool.
  4. Available only for single phase.

Green Microgrid

Fixed allocation per day
  1. Power is gathered from the solar panels and stored in batteries for use by the community.
  2. Each household is equipped with a Limit 2/20, which deducts the usage from the daily allocation, and is also equipped with a built-in relay.
  3. Each household is given a fixed kWh allocation per day, the power is cut off once the entire allocation is used up.
  4. The allocated amount is set using the handheld setting tool; some meters can be set with a different allocation.
  5. The reset time each day can also be set using the same handheld setting tool.