A single meter can separately register utility and generator power sources with RS485 communications.
PM250 Dual Source Meter

In certain places where utility power is unstable and unreliable, many buildings have adopted their own private generators as a backup power source to provide a continuous and uninterrupted power source.

Building Types

Rental office buildings, high end residential buildings, rented factories and shopping centers.

Metering Equipment

To meet the needs of such a requirement, by necessity a system is created to bill for the utility power and generator power separately, as generator power is more expensive. Thus there is a need to register the power usage for both utility and generator power separately as well.

Conventional Setup

Dual meter wiring setup

New Panel Wiring Approach

Dual source meter setup
  1. Each tenant would have their own dedicated dual source meter.
  2. The dual source meter display normally displays the currently active power source but can be switched to show the alternate power source.
  3. With its communication capability, it can be linked with a remote host for auto meter reading and automatically generating the monthly billing.