Public Spaces

Centralized Management:

Building public spaces occupy large areas, widely spread out, and variegated; thus it is imperative that they be centrally managed, but they also need to have local controls for user operation.

Building public spaces


Buildings have large floor areas, with large number of lights and ventilation circuits, they are also widely spread out. They would benefit greatly from having a location for centralized control in order to simplify their management, reduce manpower and wasted energy, thusly increasing their overall value and quality of service.

Power Equipment

The power supplied to the air conditioning, ventilation fans, exhaust fans, sprinklers, water fountains, can all be placed under the centralized control.


Architecture for a lighting control system with both centralized and local control
Centralized Control
  1. Gathering all controls into one location allows for the entire area or building to be centrally managed.
Local Control
  1. Digital switches such as the IS45 or IS48 can be used for local control.

Control Modes

Single Mode
Group Mode

Scheduled Control

Subarea Lighting

The LT3506 with its smaller rated relay may be used for sub area lighting since the amperage for each circuit is much smaller.


Ventilation & Pumps

LT3100: best suited for the control of high power equipment.
LT3100 with MC to control high power equipment with touch panel as operator interface
  1. The controller can be used to control magnetic contactors, and well suited for 3 phase loads.
  2. Can work with manual/remote switches, giving priority to local manual control.
Power Equipment
  1. Basement parking ventilation fans, drainage control, fountains, sprinklers, air conditioning.