Selecting the Right Smart Home System For Real Estate Developers

How should real estate developers select the right smart home system?
Many real estate developers have the impression that simply having a touch panel or mobile phone controlling the lights and curtains make up a smart home, they have completely neglected future considerations regarding actual use and maintenance. This essay means to address this subject from this point of view as the starting point.

  1. Classic switches as the basis for smart lighting control
    The classic switches installed within each room can be used not only for controlling single lights but can also be made to control entire groups or even activate patterns. There is no need to rely on the fixed touch panel in the living room, nor on the remote control, this is because:

    1. It is more practical for the user to be able to control the lights directly from within the room itself rather than having to go to the living room nor look for the remote control.
    2. There are a greater variety of choices when it comes to design and materials with classic switches, some motifs even come in an entire series with power outlets, phone outlets and even network outlets. The developer can select the appropriate switches depending on the purpose, environment, quality and budget, smart lighting control can be achieved regardless of the switch that is chosen.
    3. No training needed, so easy to use that even children and elders can do it. Which completely eliminates the dilemma of “Affordable but unusable, or usable but unaffordable”.
    4. With the aid of electricians, installation is easier than ever.
    5. Switches will need to be eventually replaced, with classic switches this is not a big concern.
  2. When the controller malfunctions, it should be possible to retain basic operation of each individual switch.
    Only with such a capability would the contractor, system integrator, and proprietor be reassured. Consider that the lights are used primarily at night, if for any reason a component or part of the system fails, then there would be great tension as there is no way to turn the lights on. But with the failsafe switch control mechanism of DAE’s lighting control, this is no longer a point to worry about, this is because basic manual operation is always guaranteed.
  3. The more the circuit wiring and switches is similar to the traditional approach, the easier and simpler it is expand the circuit and reduce the problems associated with eventual servicing.
    When the user will repartition the space or perform some lighting renovation, they should be able to expand or adjust the switches by themselves and should not necessitate the involvement of the original vendor. In addition, the wiring should be as similar to traditional wiring as much as possible, to make future servicing easier. At the same time, classical switches are already very familiar and easily accepted by the old and young alike.
  4. Other factors that should also be taken into consideration:
    1. It must be attractive
    2. It must be convenient and easy to use
    3. It should be affordable
    4. Maintenance and repair should be easy, especially for smaller proprietors who may need to do their own expansions or renovations.
    5. The product and the system must be reliable.
    6. It should not be that the failure of the central processor will cause problems for the contractor.

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