Scene Recall For Meeting Rooms

Each business or organization requires a meeting room, and probably a showroom as well.

A meeting room does not only serve as a place to exchange ideas, but more importantly it is the face of the organization to customers, to talk business and as a stage to show off the best parts of the company. It is very much like the living room to a house, in any interior renovation, the portion of the budget allowed to the meeting room is the most important one.

The larger an enterprise, the larger the meeting room, and also the more meeting rooms are needed; and they may even need to be flexibly combined in different ways to satisfy the different scale of meetings that can take place.

The atmosphere of a meeting room consist of not just the interior decor and the furnishings, just as important is the appropriate combination of lighting needed for each phase of a meeting.

The most typical usage scenes include having a meeting, discussions, presentations, lectures, and having the lights all on.

At each stage of an event, the right atmosphere is created not just by the right combination of lighting, but it also includes the curtains and projector screen as well. A modest budget is sufficient to transform a mundane meeting room to a technologically sophisticated meeting room.

A large selection of user interface devices is available, including touch panel screens, touch sensitive switches, digital switches, mobile phones, or even tablet computers, all of which can be mixed and matched.

Whichever device is used, just a single touch is needed to transform the atmosphere of the room by changing the lighting, the curtains and the projector screen. Each scene that is expected to be needed is first preset into the system in advance of the event so that they can be easily recalled with the touch of a button. This approach is preferable than having to muck the various switches to set the right lighting atmosphere.

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