Prepaid Card System Uncommon Questions

  1. If everything is based on a user pays system, wouldn’t this be too rigid? Is there any place for variation, wherein tariff can be conditional?Yes this is possible, one can make use of either of the two methods below:
    1. Certain conditions can be set within the card reader (ex: temperature limit, time constraints), tariff is free within certain designated conditions, when the conditions are not met then the it would be the normal insert card user pays system.
    2. A card can be provided with a certain tariff allowance that is free to use, but once the free allowance is used up then tariff will be deducted from the card as normal.
  2. What types of conditional control are there?
    1. Insert card to use:Such as the teacher’s card or a special card from the administrator which serves to restrict use.
    2. Prohibited time periods and temperature limits: especially for air conditioning equipment.
    3. At designated timesAutomatic turn off in case the user forgets after using. Automatic turn off can be set for certain times of the day, once the time comes, power is automatically turned off, and then control reverts back to local control.

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